Achill Bog Tours

Achill Bog Tours

Cut your Own Sod of Irish Turf!

Get out on the bog with Achill Bog Tours and cut your very own Irish sod - before turf cutting is banned forever!

Cutting and saving turf was once an iconic part of every Irish childhood, a rite of passage. The very essence of what it was to be Irish.

Now you too can experience the wild wonder of an Irish bog with Achill Bog Tours - on a bog that has been worked by generations of the Toolis family for over 100 years.

You'll discover all about the history of climate change in Neolithic times, touch the roots of 6000-year-old trees and learn how our ancestors had to adapt to a wetter, colder world. And the story of where the natural wonder of Ireland's bogs began.

We will show you all the stages, cutting, futting, saving and changing out, of what it takes to produce just one bucket of Irish turf.

And, with a bit of a lesson, you will get to cut your own sod of Irish turf.

Ireland's bogs are a natural wonder that soak up CO2 emissions. We will talk about the whole ecological debate around how sustainable it is to still cut turf in modern Ireland. And how together we can work to save the planet.

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